A New Wellpad Approach

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SAGD and CSS Wellpads


Flexible warmup operations provide for 100 tonnes/day-well of steam along with 1,500 m3/day-well of lift gas (up to 3,000 m3/day on any single well) for SAGD warmup. Independent well pair warmup configuration allows for simultaneous SAGD/semi-SAGD and warmup operations.

No produced gas pipeline required (optional). After warmup, the casing gas is cooled by a 100 GJ/hr aerial cooler system allowing injection into the emulsion line, using a separable multiphase pumping package.

Safety is foremost with an advanced pipeline and pad overpressure protection system that reduces the PSV count and eliminates the relief header, knockout drum/pop tank and vent stack.

Modular Design

Scalable from 2 to 12 well pairs provide the owner greater asset development flexibility. Additional well pairs can easily be added to scale up to 12 pairs, and infill wells can be accommodated.

Fully modular design with less than 25 modules for a 12 well pair pad that uses either the BlueLockTM pipe connection system, or ASME B16.5 flanges and pre-wired modules, each fully configured and tested, making it a field re-assembly exercise, not a facility construction project. This truly is the functional building block approach to wellpads.

modular css and sagd wellpads
wellpad and oil pad engineering

Why BlueSteam?

Each individual well pair module is 3.6m wide x 12m long x 2.75m high. Small enough to ship on a standard drop-deck trailer or highboy without pilot cars or overheight permits. Lighter cranes can be used for installation.

Designed with as many identical field piping connections as possible. Well pair modules are identical, each fabricated from 15 identical isometric drawings. There are no right-hand or left-hand modules.

Individual injector and producer metering provides production engineers with the ability to monitor and trend performance of each well with real time data. Alternatively, the design can be configured for single ‘total pad metering’ for a lower capital cost.

Instruments are shop installed and tested. Module instrumentation and electrical is installed, wired and tested at the fabrication yard reducing field construction and commissioning.

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