Well Pair Module

  • Well pair modules can be moved on a standard 40′ long highboy trailer and do not require pilot cars.
  • No right /left-hand design, all well pair modules are identical.
  • Convert from warmup to SAGD quickly by flipping 2 spools per well pair, c/w lifting lugs, during the post-warm-up producer workover .
  • 1 level of piping with catwalk access on both sides.
  • Can build to a maximum of 12 well pairs in one row.
  • Continuous metering of each well pair provides live data to operations to optimize well production and troubleshoot issues in real-time.
  • Modules can be set with smaller cranes or simple jack and roll techniques.
  • All on-module piping connections are accessible from grade or catwalk. No scaffolding required.